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Russell Thompson joins the Docte Consulting team

Published 4th July 2013 by Stuart Kings

Docte Consulting are delighted to announce the addition of highly-experienced consultant Russell Thompson to its team. Russell joins the company as a senior consultant, bringing many years of construction industry experience to the business.

He has previously had interim management experience at executive director level. In this role, he was responsible for significant annual budgets, reporting directly to board level on progress and future planning.

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NEC updates are useful, practical and offer greater clarity for users

Published 21st June 2013 by Stuart Kings

NEC users will have greater clarity following a series of amendments and updates to the suite of contracts.

The April 2013 update contains some significant changes as well as some minor tweaks to existing clauses.

The revised box set includes the new Professional Services Short Contract (PSSC), which is aimed at straightforward consultancy commissions. This also ties in with the other Short Contracts that are already in existence.

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Activity Schedules – demystifying common perceptions!

Published 1st June 2013 by Stuart Kings

There’s lots of confusion in practice about the purpose, use and significance of Activity Schedules.

Under the Engineering & Construction Contract (ECC) the Activity Schedules are only relevant under Options A & C. Activity Schedules also appear in the Professional Services Contract (PSC) and Engineering & Construction Subcontract (ECS). The focus of this article is the ECC. Although the same term ‘Activity Schedule’ is used, they have very different roles in A & C. In a similar vein that the Price for Work Done to Date (PWDD) is a generic term but means different things under different main Options i.e. what the Contractor is paid.

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