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NEC3 Accredited Project Manager course feedback

Published 2nd July 2014 by Stuart Kings

Course feedback

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How to ensure the programme is accepted

Published 24th September 2013 by Stuart Kings

Have a plan or plan to fail – so the saying goes.

This is definitely true in construction where it’s essential to have a programme to chart the critical path of the project and record a timeline of who does what and when.

An Accepted Programme will improve understanding by all parties and is fundamental to the successful delivery of your project and adherence to timescales. As the project progresses, this can help with both the early warning process and compensation events.

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Early Warnings – How to manage them collaboratively

Published 18th September 2013 by Stuart Kings

Every construction project comes with an element of risk – as in life things don’t always go to plan.

Spotting the warning signs early and dealing with them in a collaborative way can minimise the detrimental impact on the project and help avoid time and cost penalties.

All the NEC contracts contain an early warning process to help the parties involved proactively identify risk and facilitate a proactive outcome.

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Excellent feedback from the NEC3 ECC Project Manager course delivered via the NEC

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